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Kindergarten Registration


The 2018-2019 MCPS Kindergarten starts April 12, 2018!  Please see the link below regarding registration information and what to bring when registering. You can come by the Woodard Elementary office and fill out your registration form between 8:00-5:00pm.

 Kindergarten Round Up     

     Kindergarten Roundup Days
     April 22-26, 2018


In the spring, J.E.Woodard Elementary holds  Kindergarten Roundup Days.  These are important days that provide the school with a “best guess” as to the number of new students to expect in the fall so that classrooms can be adequately staffed and prepared to meet students on the first day of school. At registration  parents will sign their children up for a kindergarten screening time. The screening provides teachers with the information they need to prepare to meet the needs of your child at the beginning of school.



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